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OnyxTM Series Industrial Pyrometers Onyx™ Series Industrial Temperature Measurement Products

Precision Temperature Measurement for Demanding Industrial Applications

The new Onyx™ series meets the most demanding accuracy and repeatability requirements over a broad temperature range. Based on over 20 years of pyrometry and optical temperature measurement experience in some of the world's most demanding applications, the Onyx series provides measurement precision, repeatability, and reliability for industrial applications.

Benefits Features
  • Superior process consistency, product quality, and productivity
  • Accurate, precise, reliable measurement regardless of process conditions or changing substrate emissivity
  • Easy integration and communication
  • Single- or multi-channel, in-situ, non-contact measurement
  • Fully integrated sensor design or remote sensor/cable design
  • Active emissivity compensation (Onyx-MCE)
  • Two-color measurement for emissivity independence and immunity to contaminants (Onyx-S2C)
  • Rugged construction and performance for harsh environments
    • Stainless steel housing with IP65 protection class (Onyx-S and Onyx-S2C)
    • Remote sensor/cable design for exceptionally harsh conditions (Onyx-MC and Onyx-MCE)

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